In this two part Podcast, Bill Applebaum is interviewed on Actors Improv Studio's approach to the craft. The Studio focuses on how improv helps people become better actors by trusting one's creative instincts.

Listen to this unique view.

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This round table discussion features Bill Applebaum, Voice Acting coach Bill Holmes and several students discussing how improvisation specifically helps actors to audition and perform better.

Listen to Part I

Listen to Part II

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Useful Resources


​You'll want to know about On the Page. Pilar Alessandra is a smart, inspiring, funny and wonderful script consultant who also teaches screen writing classes which should not be missed.​

Learn to freely access and trust your creative instincts.

Voice Actors

One of the best voice over classes in town is run by Bill Holmes. He has been casting and directing voice acting commercials for years. Compost Productions is a full service house that produces films, music videos, and voice over demo reels. Don't have an agent? A Bill Holmes voice over demo will get you one. His classes will get you work. He can fix any voice acting problem. That's why he is known as The VoiceOver Doctor.

You will find this link below invaluable as a resource to the voice acting world.


​Your picture is the first impression people have. It can open doors. Make sure it's great. Mary Ann Halpin is one of the finest photographers in Los Angeles. We can not recommend her enough. Whether an experienced actor or beginner, Mary Ann captures your essence. She's amazing at making everyone comfortable in front of the camera.