"The creativity of people who can improvise is key. I always look first for people who can improvise. Bill is an incredible improv teacher and I highly recommend him."

- Lisa Mionie

Casting Director

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               In person Improv classes are starting again                                 Wed. Aug.4th. Location details will follow soon.
                We still offer an improv class online as creativity can never be stopped.  Email us for details about improv online                          and our upcoming in person classes. 

                    As always, stay safe and practice creativity!

Casting Directors and Agents want people who can improvise. Why? People who can improvise are more open, creative, relaxed and spontaneous. At Actors Improv Studio, we help actors learn to improvise and improvisers learn to act!

Of course you could spend a lot of money to attend one of the big named
"Improv Mills" that use students to feed the machine, and put that on your resume. But if you really want to learn to improvise, to learn skills to be able to improvise at an audition, then you need to train with someone who cares about you learning. 

A.I.S. was founded by Second City Chicago alum Bill Applebaum. Bill, a member of the board of the SAG/AFTRA National Conservatory, uses techniques he learned directly from those who started the modern improv movement. He helps people access their unique creativity.

"Improv is an important skill for every actor to have. Bill can help anyone become an improviser."

Donna Morong- Former Senior VP of Feature Casting Walt Disney Studios

Actors Improv Studio congratulates these alumni recently working in film, tv, v.o., commercials, and stage productions:     Dave Berges, Alana Cheuvront, Adam Crowe, Jordan Drayer, 
Willy Gomez, JaSheika James, Carol Kaufman, Bobby King, Tina Landon, Brian Larious, Mary Lou Matthews, Caitlyn Muncy, Eliah Mountjoy, Nancy Murphy, Rhiannon Rose, Kabir Singh, Meryl Taylor

Check the Classes page for more info and schedule. Contact us to come in for your free audit!

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