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Improv is not an end unto itself, but a means to being a more creative actor.


More Information about A.I.S. L.A.


Chicago Second City E.T.C. co-founder & Second City alum, Bill Applebaum teaches these on-going classes. He trained and performed on stage with the founders of the modern movement including Del Close, Paul Sills, Sheldon Patinkin, Bernie Sahlins, Jo Forsberg and Fred Kaz. His approach to teaching improv reflects those he learned from which states: "Improv is not an end unto itself, but a means to being a stronger and more creative actor."

Bill Applebaum's extensive improv background has helped him book dozens of commercials, numerous guest starring roles and starring roles on sitcoms and episodic TV, professional stage and film roles plus TV writing gigs.

He can help do the same for you.

If anyone has ever said to you, "You should take an improv class," this is the class you should try. Even if you've never done anything like this before, these safe, supportive and fun classes are where you should start. You have absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

Actor's Improv Studio Founder - Bill Applebaum

"Whether in an audition, an interview or on location, improvisation is an invaluable skill to any actor. Bill will teach the actor how to improvise and master this skill and 'win' a room."

- Kelly Duncan-Joiner

Agent, The Chasin Agency

"Take a class and see for yourself.       IMPROV, IT'S NOT WHAT YOU                    THINK IT IS. 

"Second City Alum Bill Applebaum is the best improv teacher in the biz. I booked a job on a network comedy show soon after learning Bill's techniques, a miracle given my inexperience as a performer. In my new career as an actor, I now feel relaxed, confident, in control and never at a loss at any audition. I owe it all to Bill."

- Bill Crounse

Actor/Writer member of
Attention Deficit Disorder Improv Troupe

What Do Our Students Say About Us?


"A great place to workout and keep toned on your improv skills. Bill does an amazing job of guiding each students uniquely so that they can grow.  Go audit the class to see if it's right for you." - Sonny D. 

"Actors Improv Studio is a supportive, educational environment where the emphasis is on learning, building your skill set and having fun. Bill is a great teacher - he cares about each student and takes the time to explain, critique and praise. The intimidation factor present at the larger schools is nonexistent here. The scenes are taped so you can watch them later on, and at AIS I've never felt like a statistic or like I got lost in the crowd. The class sizes are very reasonable so each person gets a lot of stage time, and that's what we all take an acting class for, right? We want to learn! We want to perform! At AIS you learn by jumping right in and doing." - Jacqueline B. 

"This was by far one of the best classes that I have taken in L.A. I have taken numerous classes here since I was a child since my dream has almost always been to be an actress. I also took Improv classes at the Groundlings which were VERY expensive. I took classes here for about a month. Bill was EXTREMELY helpful and it was very apparent that he cared about each student individually. He takes the time to critique and praise you after each exercise. He even videos during each class, and after some exercises you can watch your work. The best part of his classes was his encouraging nature. All I can really remember from taking classes at the Groundlings is all the rules they give of what you are not supposed to do. Bill presented the rules of Improv, but not in a way that makes an improvisor feel stifled and held back. I left his class feeling much more confident thanks to him. I would recommend him to anyone who really wants to know what it takes to become a great Improvisor. Bill will help you get to a place where you can consistently deliver." - Angela G.

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